For nearly three quarters of a century, the Moes family has provided four generations of auto repairers, serving thousands of Fostorians and Tri County area families.
    Edward N. Moes opened a collision repair facility  in downtown Fostoria in 1934. Edward specialized in general body repair and painting. He continued to operate in downtown Fostoria for the next 10 years.
    His son Edward J., learned the trade as a young man growing up. Edward J. worked in the body shop for Willis Hakes Ford. Ed Jr. served in Wold War II and after returning from the war continued to work in the body shop at Willis Hakes Ford. He married Elizabeth Burns, who worked in the office there.
    Later, Ed Jr. opened Moes Body Shop in 1948 at 1247 N. Countyline St. in Fostoria, Ohio.

 The original building was approximately 50 ft. by 60 ft. and had 2 employees. In 1965 an

addition was constructed, which doubled the size of the building. By this time, Ed Jr. had

10 employees.
    Edward N. past away in 1968 at the age of 79. He was the retired owner of

Moes Baked Enamel Paint.
    Edward J. past away on March 10,1984 at the age of 60, leaving his wife, three sons and

five daughters. He was the retired founder of Moes Body Shop. By then his son Steven J.

Moes was running the collision facility.
    Steve bought the shop April 1,1978 and began his ownership with 9 employees. As years

past Steve started to purchase equipment to continue to make sure that Moes Body Shop

was the elite collision facility in the Tri County area. 
    Steve's son Brett began to work at the shop at a young age just as his father and

grandfather did, going in after school and learning the business. Brett went to college and

graduated with a degree in Computer Aided Design and Mechanical Engineering. He

managed the shop for his father and is the fourth generation of body men in the family

business. Brett purchased the family business from his father in 2014 and currently has

6 employees. He plans to continue the same quality repairs that have been taught to him for years by his father and grandfathers.



1247 N. Countyline St. Fostoria, OH. 44830 US